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Amelia, the Trusted Leader in Enterprise AI

The Enterprise Leader in Trusted AI

Companies worldwide depend on Amelia digital agents to enhance call centers, customer service and user experiences. Powered by Conversational AI, Amelia manages millions of tasks at scale in banking, insurance, healthcare and other industries.

A Digital Agent

Amelia digital agents provide virtual customer service and IT support, and alleviate pressures in understaffed call centers.

Builds Digital Agents

Amelia offers the only solution in the market that creates digital agents on its own. It’s AI building AI.

Never Stops Learning

Digital agents from Amelia gain new knowledge and skills from every user conversation and interaction.

More Than a Chatbot

Simple chatbots are just for FAQs. Amelia digital agents can do so much more.

Speaks Your Language

Amelia digital agents speak 100-plus languages for clear communication and personalized services.

Always Available

Users can communicate with Amelia digital agents by voice, chat, text — any channel they need.

Amelia by the Numbers

As the enterprise leader in Trusted AI, our digital agents deliver real business value.

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  • 9000000

    Active Users

    Amelia is well-equipped to transform companies with large customer bases, such as one global firm where digital agents support more than 9 million active users.

  • 108


    Quality customer service requires clear communication. Amelia digital agents speak 100-plus languages for personalized experiences.

  • 1000

    Amelia's integration framework is built on Apache Camel, an open-source framework with thousands of integration templates.

  • 90

    Amelia digital agents build customer loyalty — 9 out of 10 consumers at one global brand give Amelia top service scores.

Recognized for Industry Leadership

Amelia is repeatedly recognized by third-party analyst firms for industry leadership in Conversational AI, digital agents, vertical reach and innovation. Don't take our word for it — review our analyst recognitions from the past several years.

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